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You are considering installing a new Air Conditioning Unit in Mesa AZ.  There are many different options available, this will provide you with a snapshot of Westinghouse features and benefits specifically as you come one step closer to that big decision of how you are going to stay cool year round in our hot desert Valley region of the Southwest.


Westinghouse has one of the widest ranges of possibilities of Air Conditioning Equipment which is one of the things that makes Westinghouse an extremely desirable option when choosing to install a new Air Conditioning System Mesa Arizona. Combine this with the Westinghouse Pledge:  “You’ll get a new system if your compressor or heat exchanger fails within the first 10 years of ownership.”  This promise is a one of a kind in new Heating & Cooling Unit!


Consumer Financing is available on all Westinghouse models, but only through some dealers, ask your dealer about financing options and in addition ask if they offer the Comfort Plus & FTL Finance which includes an option for the Contractor Preferred Protection Plan.  This plan covers any labor associated with any parts repairs or any other defects that may occur in addition to covering what is already covered by their extensive parts warranties.


Westinghouse models range from 1.5 Ton to 5Ton cooling capacity. A total of 15 units are available to choose from in their wide range of possibilities. With 5 minimum efficiency units at a SEER Rating of 13; 2 High efficiency units with a SEER rating of 14/15; 6 Extra high efficiency units with a SEER rating of 15 & 16; 2 Ultra High efficiency units with a SEER rating of 20 & 24.5.  SEER stands for Season Energy Efficiency Rating.  It is a government standard rating system for designating the efficiency of Air Conditioner Units, the higher the number the higher the efficiency of the A/C unit.


Additionally Westinghouse has Gas/Electric units available starting at 15SEER and going up to 20 SEER which is the most efficient gas packaged unit you available to buy and have installed.  Westinghouse has also gone to great lengths to develop and make available units specifically designed to be run quietly.  The 24.5 SEER model designed and available only through Westinghouse is the most energy efficient and the quietest air conditioner existing at this time.


Westinghouse Arizona has packaged only outdoor units as well as split units available, when replacing half of a split unit you must also replace the other half even if it is not having any deficiencies at that time, they do work as a pair, similar to replacing a pair of shoes and not just one.  There are 8 Energy Star Certified Units Available and 5 Ecologic Units on hand.  With a few specialty units to include 1 Hybrid two fuel source systems available and iQ Drive for its two ultra high efficiency units.


Remember you must register your unit after installation for the maximum 10 yrs coverage.  Visit www.Westinghousehvac.com for registration information and to research any further inquiries you may have as well as to locate the nearest certified dealer near you.  Westinghouse is one of the many options available to ensure you; your family, pets and guest have a comfortable, affordable summer in Mesa Arizona.



Record Breaking Temps In Phoenix Arizona

Air Conditioning Repair in Phoenix Arizona




 Here’s what ABC 15 and Adam Slinger had to report


PHOENIX -The phone lines at Valley heating and cooling companies lit up on Thursday evening during the record breaking temperature spike.


“I had a premonition things were gonna go this way,” said Tony Sampino of Air Care Heating and Cooling. “I bought tons of parts and hired extra staff.”


Normally during mid-March, the service calls from customers are to schedule checkups and order new parts, Sampino told ABC15, but because of Thursday’s 95 degree high, all the calls were focused on fixing broken units.


Ideally, before turning on your A/C unit, a professional should inspect and clean the machine, Sampino said.


Filters should also be clean before flipping the switch from “off” to “cool,” he said.

For more info on this article visit Record breaking heat keeping Valley air conditioning repair crews busy

Prevent your air conditioner from breaking down


Here in Phoenix AZ  the temperature is a scorching 95 degrees out side  and will be for the next few days. Wow 95 degrees in March that’s pretty warm. To avoid costly air conditioning repairs, get a maintenance check from a qualified licensed AC contractor like Air Care. With this  record breaking heat among us, and specially this early in the year now is the time to get your air conditioner check up. This summer will probably be one of the hottest on record and one of the earliest. So don’t be caught in the heat with a broken air conditioner CALL TODAY and get scheduled!  480-238-2273



Phoenix Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Replacement Phoenix AZ


Thinking of Replacing Your A/C Unit?  Why Now Is Better Than the Middle of Summer…

Air Conditioning Phoenix

Old Air Conditioning

Air Conditioner Phoenix

New Air Conditioning

That old Phoenix Air Conditioning Unit was not doing so well by Seasons end last year, your technician had advised you to be looking into a new unit, you have added on to your home and need a bigger unit, or, worse yet, you may know your Air Conditioner does not work right now and will need to be replaced for your summer comfort.  Whatever the cause, there are many reasons to consider choosing to have the replacement done now rather than later on in the midst of our extreme summer heat here in the Valley.


If you even think you may need a new Air Conditioning unit this year, seriously consider calling a technician now.  Right now, their schedules are not quite as full, they will be able to come see you at your convenience rather than when they can fit you in, with much less wait time than you will experience during peak summer months .  A typical appointment can be two days or more in the midst summer with most companies, but with a quality air conditioning contractor they will be able to respond quickly. Air Care Cooling & Heating has some of the fastest response times in Phoenix Arizona.  Air Care responds fast because we know when you call it means you need a technician now.  Even if a technician can be there within a few hours, the removal and installation can be accomplished rather quickly but it’s still best not to be in that situation.  An assessment can be made and a recommendation then begins the wait, in the heaviest heat of our hot Arizona desert summers.


Phoenix Air Conditioning installation can be tricky in the summer if you have a special application. Availability of a variety of models and sizes are greater now than they will be as summer progressively gets closer.  Air Conditioning suppliers are not keeping as large of an on hand inventory as they used to.  Often times an AC order needs to be placed for units to match specific needs.  Then you have to allow for delivery time as well as HVAC installation time.  Of course if you are in an emergency situation in the heat of the summer a unit can be installed, even If it is not best suited to your needs, however, this can lead you right back to where you started, needing a new unit, only now, you are out hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars.


Prices also tend to go up during the summer months for services, technicians and for Air Conditioning units themselves.  By planning now, and avoiding repeated  air conditioning repairs, you can save a bundle and pay less for the exact same services that can cost you more later in the sweltering hot summer months ahead.


The very best and most important reason for scheduling your Air Conditioning unit replacement now is because right now you will not miss, or even notice while your old unit is being removed, the best suited model is ordered, delivered and then the new unit is installed, ready to keep you and your household comfortable all throughout the extreme summer months. In the Heat of the summer, the longer your Air Conditioning Unit is not cooling your home, the more damage can be done to other objects in your home and cause losses greater than you ever imagined from our intense summer heat.


Plan now, make that appointment to get your unit replaced and protect your home, your health, your family, and your pets.  Save money and relax, remember, there is no price for peace of mind, but you can buy it now with a little prior planning and stay cool in the comfort of your home unaware of the sweltering heat outside.  Make a appointment today.

Phoenix Children Hospital Air Conditioning Program

Air Conditioning Service for Phoenix Children

AIr Conditioning Phoenix Children's


Why Choose to Help Phoenix Children’s


Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC is now helping raise money to help Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Phoenix Children’s Hospital is in the top ten pediatric facility’s in the entire United States.  They also have a mobile unit, basically a hospital on wheels. Last year they made 6500 mobile visits to needy children and also to family shelters.

Air Care is committed to help out organizations that provide  superior & specialty service’s for Arizona kids while maintaining their non profit status. Phoenix Children’s Hospital has been doing for the kids of Arizona since 1983.



How The Program Works


The Air Conditioning donation program we are running directly benefits Arizona’s children who need help. This is how it works, for every maintenance check up we perform on your air conditioning unit 50%  will be donated to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  We also provide repairs and other services, all other services we will be donating 10% to Phoenix Children’s.



The Goal


We hope to raise enough money to help kids in Arizona get the health care service’s they need and can’t get any where else. We  have set a goal of $10,000 of donations we want to raise. We do have a long road ahead of us so lets work together to achieve this goal. Just about everyone in Arizona has a air conditioning unit, and we can all agree that the summer temperatures are brutal. It is always a good idea to do a maintenance check on your air conditioning unit, this year you can get it done and benefit Arizona  children.

For more info visit our page on Phoenix Children’s Hospital website click here: Air Care Arizona Benefiting Phoenix Children’s Hospital