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Our mission at Air Care is to insure you never have to go without air conditioning. Our company has been licensed, bonded and insured for 12 years holding our A rating with the Better Business Bureau. With our clean and professional business our techs show up in uniform ready to make sure your unit continues to run at manufacture specifications.

Our techs special in the 25-point tune-up. Since air conditioners run differently here than anywhere in the country the tune-up is a must for Arizona residents. Having it done saves you thousands of dollars on repairs and replacements as well as the efficiency can be brought down by 20% just by changing your filters and cleaning your outside coils. Our routine 25 point inspection usually costs $89.00 but when you call in and mention the Sonoran Living its $49.00 with a complimentary safety wet switch installed!! The safety wet switch notifies you when water is leaking in secondary drain pan, so you can get a tech out to insure minimal damage.

With our 24/7 emergency contact you’ll always speak with a live person, ready for all your questions and needs. We also have a 29,000 square foot warehouse that carries 99% of all replacement parts for units as well as a large inventory of rooftop and ground units, which if needed our techs can have parts and/or units installed the same day in most cases. With our 100% satisfaction guaranteed Air Care is there for you not 98 or 99 but 100% during this summer to keep you cool and comfortable!

Air Care Cooling and Heating LLC offers Valley wide service. Call (480) 238-227 or visit them online at:    

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Energy Audits Save Arizona Home Owners Money In Phoenix Arizona

Arizona Energy Audit Energy Audit Mesa Arizona

What Can I Do Reduce My Power Bill & Create More Home Efficiency?

          Are you one of those people who cringe when you open your power bill?  Or have you just become accustomed to a high bill and wishing for a way to create more efficiency in your home? Everyone seems to be actively seeking ways to save and create more efficiency in all aspects of their lives.  Read on as we explore these aspects as they specifically apply to your home and your power bill.

          First let’s identify the things in your home that utilize the most electricity, the electricity hogs is what we will call them.  Where are the electricity hogs in your home?  The number one electricity hog is the Hot Water heater, followed by the Air Conditioner and Heat Source, and right behind that is your dryer.  None of us are very interested in living without these energy hogs, but can’t we put them on a diet and still enjoy their conveniences?  Yes, of course we can, and that is what this article is all about.

Arizona energy savings        The Power Companies offer some things to assist us in identifying our electricity usage and some devices are available to create more efficiency in our homes.  SRP provides M-Power boxes which provide data about daily & hourly usage and current draw of power to identify from one moment to the next how much power you are using and what devices are pulling how much power. Also there are devices to hook up to the Hot Water Heater to time it on and off as needed so you are not heating water constantly.

         Next for your Hot Water Heaters, the first choice is to buy the most efficient available, or even to consider a heat on demand hot water system.  If you have chosen a standard hot water heater, it also makes sense to put a blanket on it made specifically for hot water heaters so they retain the heat so it does not have to be heated over and over.

          For your Air Conditioners which is the primary source of power usage during the long and intense heat of our Desert Valley summers there are many options available both directly and indirectly.  To directly create improvement and efficiency from your A/C unit, ensure it is the proper size for your space; get a high efficiency model; replace your filter at least once a month; service your unit regularly; and invest in a programmable thermostat versus a standard one.  Taking all of these steps can really put this energy hog on a diet providing instant low cost savings and efficiency in your home.

      Indirect ways to create improved efficiency of your Air Conditioning Unit includes better insulation in the walls and roof, look for the energy star logo on products, better ventilation from the attic and upper eave space, reflective coverings for windows, sealing cracks around windows and doors as well as installing high efficiency windows and doors.

       Every little bit helps and you are sure to create more efficiency in your home by utilizing any of these tips to slim down the energy hogs, and the more tips you employ and put to use, the greater your efficiency and savings will be realized in your home.