The Benefits of Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping

How Weather Stripping Helps Cool Your Home

Weather stripping is not something we typically talk about when we talk about Air Conditioning; however, it plays a very important role in helping to keep your home cool.

What Is Weather Stripping?

Weather stripping is strips of insulated material of varying thicknesses. Weather stripping creates a seal eliminating loss of cool air from your home or business.  Weather stripping is also the process of installing the insulated strips around doors and windows.  Its purpose is to prevent rain and water from entering, it also keeps interior air in and exterior air out, providing energy saving on Air Conditioning.   

Where Is the Weather Stripping At In Your Home

Weather stripping can and should be placed around all doors and windows.  Although weather stripping can be installed as a do it yourself project, it is still best to hire a professional to ensure a snug fit with doors closing comfortably and easily

What to check your weather stripping for

Weather stripping must be in good condition to do its job of helping your home stay cool by eliminating leaks.  Check that is has a snug fit round doors and windows, no light should ever been seen around door frames.  Get a flashlight and shine it through and have another person watch on the other side for any light, if light comes through then you are losing your cool air too.  The more light you are seeing, the more cool air you are losing.

Also inspect for any dry rot, if the weather stripping is starting to crack or peel.  Cracking or peeling weather stripping has lost its efficiency and needs to be replaced immediately, don’t wait until the effects are more obvious.

Weather Stripping is an integral part of keeping your home cool

Anything that boosts efficiency in cooling your home saves you money.  Anything that saves you money and helps keep you cool is worth the time and investment.  The best part is that Weather Stripping is relatively inexpensive for the strips themselves as well as the installation; in fact it is the easiest, fastest and most likely to be a candidate for do it yourself installation.

Keep Cool & Save Money

Keeping cool is what it is all about in the hot summers in our Desert Valley.  To stay cool requires a lot more than just a good Air Conditioning Unit.  It is a system with many integral parts and sometimes it is more about the parts that have nothing to do with the Air Conditioning at all.  Improving the efficiency is accomplished simply by keeping the cool air in and the hot air out, weather stripping can save more money than almost any other aspect of your Cool Air plan.

Invest and Save Big

Take the few minutes to check your weather stripping and replace if necessary.  Or make that one phone call that can give you the biggest savings possible over our long intense summer heat.  Have your weather stripping checked and replaced and take the savings to the bank.

How A Freon Leak Damages Your A/C System


How A Freon Leak Damages Your A/C System

      We all know a Freon leak is a problem, however do we fully understand how big of a problem it is and why?  Being informed is what will keep you, your family and business cool through the extreme heat of the summer and your budget balanced.

A Little Bit about Freon

     Freon or the refrigerant is a colorless, odorless, nonflammable, noncorrosive gas or liquid that runs through your Air Conditioning System pipes and compressor; it is the stuff that keeps you cool.  Without this gas or liquid you do not have an air conditioner, just a blower unit circulating air.

What clues do I have to know my Freon needs to be checked?

      There are many ways to know you may have a Freon leak, although you will not smell it, probably will not see it and it is not causing any danger by being in the air. The first clue is when your air is not blowing as cold as you are accustomed to or worse yet, if it is not even cold air anymore and it is warm.  Another big clue is if your air conditioning unit, compressor or coils freeze.  If you notice even the slightest change in the temperature of your air or any amount of freezing contact a technician immediately.

Damage Caused by A Freon Leak

      Beyond the obvious that you and your space is not being cooled off when there is a Freon leak and the Freon level is low, the leak can be so subtle that it is not obvious at first but the long term damage has already started.  Any loss of pressure from Freon and the compressor is instantly under additional strain, reducing its life expectancy and causing unnecessary wear and tear on the entire air conditioning system.  Starting at the very first pound of pressure lost; even though the air still feels cool it is a sufficient reduction of temperature to cause your Air Conditioning System to need to run longer to maintain the same temperature.  As Freon loss increases, the run time of your system also increases just to maintain the same room temperature.  This in turn raises the cost of cooling your space incrementally in direct correlation to the loss of pressure.  As your Air Conditioning System runs longer periods of time without a break, everything is being worked twice as hard and the entire system is wearing out at more than twice the rate it normally would if it had sufficient Freon and refrigerant.

Get Your Freon Level Checked routinely

      The best cure is prevention, have a routine service of your Air Conditioning System to include Pressure testing and leak testing for Freon.  Get it fixed if there is a leak and always call immediately if you suspect a leak.  The cost of an inspection is far less than the cost of a compressor, a whole unit and even one month’s bill of inefficient cooling of your home or office.