Don’t Forget the Ducts



A homeowner can expect a certain amount of dust to settle in the heating ducts of the HVAC system. The problem arises when large accumulations occur. It means that more energy has to be expended to push warm air out into the living space. That’s an energy cost that needs to be avoided and it can be. As a matter fact, this can even be a do-it-yourself job.

A visual inspection can determine whether or not their excessive amounts of dust or mold in the ducts. A homeowner should wear gloves and have a breathing mask on. The mask is there because there may be mold and allergens in the ducts that can cause a reaction. The vent grille ought to be thoroughly cleaned so that there is no lingering dust or mildew. Be very sure that mold is completely eliminated.

Easy Maintenance

A damp cloth can be used inside the ducts to remove the dust. A homeowner should be patient and careful when doing this. A gentle wiping is better than trying to put some elbow grease into it. The area can be checked with a flashlight to be sure that all of the accumulations have been successfully removed. As soon as all the work is completed, the area should be vacuumed for any dust that may be lying around.

If the ducts have not been cleaned for a number of years it professional may be needed to do the work. That person would do a more complete inspection and has the tools necessary to do a complete job. They also are familiar with HVAC equipment, and there is less a chance of the HVAC system being damaged when professionals working.

It can’t be stressed enough that allergens and mold may be in the duct system. Homeowners ought to keep that in mind if they are going to try to tackle this job by themselves. It doesn’t take much to be safe, and once the ducts are clean the heated air will move more freely into the living space.

Dangers of Winter Carbon Monoxide



Winter is the season when families close the windows to shut out the cold drafts and stay inside to take advantage of the warmth coming from the furnace. There is no problem for this in ordinary circumstances but a defective furnace is a source of very serious health hazards. The worst is carbon monoxide. This is a gas that has no odor but it is poisonous. The possibility of carbon monoxide leaking from the furnace is a reason why a homeowner should take precautions during the winter.

Furnace service can be as simple as having a common monoxide alarm installed. It must be remembered these are not smoke detectors, and will only activate when carbon monoxide is noticed. If there is evidence of carbon monoxide the heat exchanger in the furnace needs to be replaced. Heat exchangers over period of time can develop cracks and that allows the gas to escape. Replacing the heat exchanger, by the way, is the kind of repair work that an HVAC professional ought to be doing. This is not a do-it-yourself project at all because of the danger of the gas that’s involved. It is also possible that the heating system of the house is not venting the flue gases out of the home properly. Again, an HVAC professional needs to inspect to see where any gas leakage is happening.

If a carbon monoxide alarm has not been installed, evidence of carbon monoxide can be symptoms of ill health the residents of the house may have. This can include nausea and drowsiness for which there is no explanation. If these symptoms become apparent it is time to the contact an HVAC technician to inspect the furnace. Winter is a time when people are indoors and the furnace is working at maximum capacity. Some safety precautions to guard against carbon monoxide gas can prevent serious and tragedy from happening during what should be a holiday season.

Keeping the Heat Pump in Prime Shape


Heat pumps are very efficient ways to cool as well as heat a home. Because of the constant need for air-conditioning it can happen that the machinery will start to experience problems. This may require some repairs or full replacements; it all depends on the circumstances. A good heat pump service contractor  can take a look at the situation and decide what needs to be done to keep the heat pump working.

It may be as simple as replacing the air filter. Filters congested with dirt and dust cannot deliver the type of cooling air expected by the residents in the house. A clean air filter can be installed that will allow air to flow without any restriction. The indoor air quality (IAQ) is important, so that will mean that the humidifiers and ventilation should be checked. Heat pumps are very durable and should last for a number of years but constant use will cause breakdowns. Other parts of the machinery may be either worn down or broken, and they need to be replaced. Getting heat pump service from professionals with years of experience is the best way to see to it that things are made right.

The sunny climate in Arizona is beautiful but very hot. A heat pump can see to it that air-conditioning units have the right amount of energy needed to keep the house comfortable in even the worst of days. This equipment does need attention and a smart homeowner stays on top of things. The first sign of problems signal the need for immediate attention to be given. This type of HVAC equipment is meant to be very durable and last throughout the years. Taking care of a heat pump when there’s any sign of malfunction assures that this domestic piece of machinery provides great service well into the future.