Benefits of Getting Your AC Maintenance Done Early

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Benefits of Getting Your AC Maintenance Done Early

At Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC, we lookout for the best interest of our customers and encourage them to take care of their HVAC system to get the most out of it. Like most pieces of equipment, heating and air conditioning systems rely on their maintenance to ensure consistent performance. 

You cannot neglect an air conditioner and expect it to continue cooling your home like a brand-new unit. No matter its make or model, or its price tag for that matter, an air conditioner is subject to wear and tear or normal performance depreciation. 

Preventive maintenance then doesn’t just make sense. It is, in fact, an essential process that must be done regularly. It’s not an add-on service or an extra option. It’s a must. Your next question is, how often is preventive maintenance? 

All heat pumps must have professional tune-up services twice a year, that is, once before the start of the heating season and another before the start of the cooling season. Similarly, all air conditioning systems must have maintenance services before summer kicks in. 

That said, we’ll let you in on a little trade secret: getting your AC maintenance done as early as possible has several benefits. These benefits make a huge difference, so don’t wait until the last minute before making a maintenance appointment. Now is always the best time to act. 

Here are 5 reasons to get your AC spring tune-up done now:

It saves you money

A faulty air conditioner will cost you a lot of money. Air conditioning repairs are expensive and an inefficient performance will increase your monthly energy bills. 

An early AC maintenance gives you time to get your AC in optimal condition to beat the heat of summer. It gives you the opportunity to fix minor issues before they turn into AC emergencies. There’s never a good time for an emergency repair, but during the hot summer months, an emergency repair is twice the inconvenience. 

During peak season, labor supply, such as AC repairs, replacements, and maintenance, is usually low while demand for such services is steep. As a result, you pay as much as twice or thrice as you would off-season for the same services.

If your air conditioning system is not in good condition, this will affect your energy consumption, increasing your energy bills. If it is costing you more to run your AC month after month, ask a professional technician to assess your unit. A replacement may be necessary to bring down your monthly energy bills. 

It gives technicians time to thoroughly work on your unit

Air conditioning maintenance
Performing semi annual maintenance on a ground level air conditioning

Nobody wants to admit it, but how many jobs got blotched because of time constraints?

Many homeowners wait for the last minute before getting AC maintenance, but by then, professional technicians have their hands full with many service requests.

This is especially true in Arizona, where service requests pile up as summer gets closer. When summer is well underway, there is hardly any room for technicians to breathe, much less attention to any more maintenance services. Emergency repairs take over their schedule. Technicians scramble to help homeowners fix broken cooling systems for reasons that could have been prevented if early maintenance was done.

You don’t want to see yourself in either of these scenarios. You don’t want any more inconvenience on top of over a hundred degrees of summer heat in Arizona. When not outdoors, you want to chill and enjoy your summer in the cool comforts of your home.

By getting your AC maintenance done as early as the first weeks of spring, you relieve some of the pressure that professional technicians will have to deal with in summer. In return, the technician can spend as much time as needed to clean and tune up your AC and even answer industry-related questions without the clock ticking like a timebomb in the background. 

It prevents AC breakdowns when you need your AC the most

From the term “preventive maintenance” itself, regular tune-ups prevent unexpected air conditioning breakdowns. Early AC maintenance gives you time to get your air conditioner in shape for summer. 

An air conditioner has many different components that need cleaning and tuning up. Its moving parts, for example, need regular lubrication while air filters, pipes, vents, and coils need a thorough cleaning to remove the buildup of dust and debris.

Early maintenance allows a professional technician to carefully inspect your unit without rushing the service. If a specific part has to be ordered for replacement, you will have ample time to place the order and wait for it. 

Early maintenance fixes minor and major AC issues to ensure the consistent and efficient performance of your AC when you need it the most during summer.   

It boosts overall AC system performance

The function of the air conditioning system is not limited to cooling your home although that is its primary function. Air conditioners also act as your home’s protection against indoor pollution, such as dust, animal dander, pollens, etc. It also manages changes in humidity levels caused by the seasons.

Changes in temperature and humidity levels, as well as indoor air pollution, can affect the health of your family. By providing your AC early maintenance services, you boost its overall performance to cool your home and perform its other functions.

It extends the lifespan of your AC system

Your air conditioning system is under a lot of pressure at any time of the year, not just during summer. Summer intensifies that pressure and forces the AC system to work harder. Early maintenance relieves the pressure on your air conditioning system so it can function properly and reach its expected lifespan. 

Typically, AC systems last 8 to 12 years in Arizona, a few years shorter compared to AC systems in other parts of the US. Without preventive maintenance, however, it’s likely your AC will crumble under too much pressure and break down completely. 

Early maintenance ensures your AC is ready to take on the demands of summer, helping it reach not just peak performance but also its expected lifespan.

As air conditioning experts, we couldn’t emphasize more the importance of early AC maintenance. Regular AC maintenance is great but getting it early will rake in even more benefits that you should take advantage of.

Talk to an Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC technician to learn more about our comprehensive AC maintenance service.

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