How To Hire A Great AC Contractor

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How To Hire A Great AC Contractor

Most air conditioning units are built to last a long, long timeーat least the quality ones are. Even so, an air conditioner will inevitably experience the usual wear and tear. Dust and debris will eventually accumulate in the filters, the battery on the thermostat will have to be replaced, the compressor will probably hard start. If you’re not so lucky and your air conditioning system is not pest-proofed, there’s the chance a bird or a rodent will find its way to your AC’s ducts, get stuck, and stench. 

If and when these things happen, you want a trusted air conditioning technician on your side. But just like everywhere else, the HVAC industry is a crowded marketplace. How do you hire the best air conditioning contractor? 

Air conditioning services such as repair, replacement, and maintenance are costly, so you definitely want to get your money’s worth and ensure the same AC problem won’t pop up every so often. That means you want an air conditioning contractor who can do it rightーonce. 

Here are a few tips to help you find a great AC contractor.

Go with a trusted company

Find a legitimate company that checks all legal requirements and industry certifications. The company should be experts in HVAC with a proven track record. A trusted contractor will cost you more than fly-by-night ones, but it will also give you peace of mind.

A great AC contractor knows quality matters and trusts only quality brands. Using substandard brands may save you money upfront, but an excellent contractor who cares about his clients knows that using anything substandard is doing his client a disservice. 

Customer satisfaction is not all about how quickly service is rendered or how cheap the service is. A good contractor provides long-term solutions that are more cost-effective in the long run. 

Ask around for recommendations

This one is a no-brainer. Ask friends and family members who they call for their own HVAC home services. People are always eager to offer their advice. If you pay attention, you’ll find out which contractors are not worth your time and your dime.

Don’t skip reading online reviews too. A company’s online review page, if there is one, is a fountain of information that you should use to your advantage. People have different experiences and different opinions. It’s helpful to learn how a certain company deals with different challenges.  

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Call customer service and ask the tough questions

Don’t be shy to call a company’s customer service line and ask about all the job-specific questions you can think of. Good customer service happens way before you start paying someone money and never ends, even after the job is done. 

If anything happens after a repair, a great AC contractor will cater to you, even prioritize you, for customer satisfaction. Therefore, ask about the company’s policies and get a feel of their customer service.

An air conditioning system is a huge investment. The right HVAC company knows that and will take care of your investment, ensuring you get to enjoy it for a long time. Also, the right company knows an air conditioning system is not just a piece of equipment. It is an instrument necessary to give you and your family quality indoor air. 

Once you find the right air conditioning contractor for you, hang on to them. Build a lasting relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

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