Air Conditioning Sale Phoenix Arizona

Big Air Conditioner Sale in Phoenix AZ


Air Conditioning Sale Phoenix Arizona





Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC. is offering an unprecedented $200 reduction of price for all new installations of Air Conditioning Units beginning April 1st and continuing all the way to October 31st 2013.  As if this isn’t enough, Air Care has also announced a $20 reduction in the cost of any AC repairs performed on Air conditioning units during this same time frame.  With an offer like this, staying cool just became a breeze, even during the long summer we have ahead of us this year.

         Spring has officially arrived according to the calendar; however, for everyone in the Phoenix desert valley region, summer has arrived.  For the next 6 months or more, the number one concern in the valley will be how to stay cool, escaping the scorching desert sun.  The second concern will be accomplishing this afford-ably without burning holes through wallets and pockets to pay for this comfort.

         There are many AC repair companies in Phoenix and specials available as everyone in the Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair Industry clamor for the job bids , stepping up to the plate to ensure the ease of residents and business owners here.   Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC however has caught everyone’s attention with the unbelievable, yet true, $200 reduction of price on all new installations no matter the brand or whether it is new or rebuilt and $20 reduction of price on all repairs.  This is not a rebate, this is just price slashing at its best, designed to provide the best in cooling, while leaving money in the wallets and pockets of  Phoenix Arizona residents and business owners.  Whether you are installing a new unit or doing repairs, these savings surpass any offers made by any other company.

           As preparations begin for the 2013 Arizona summer, it is best to stay informed of the best prices combined with the highest value of labor available to care for the extenuating demands applied to air condition unit’s valley wide.   Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC has always considered the consumer the highest priority when making their business decisions.  Ensuring all of their technicians are well trained professionals, available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. 

Air Care has qualified technician’s available valley wide from Phoenix, to, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Apache Junction and everywhere in between and surrounding these localities.  Air Conditioning professionals from Air Care are available wherever there are homes and business in Phoenix Arizona.

Homeowners and business owners alike rave about how their Air Conditioning Phoenix and cooling issues have been well maintained and now they will have money left over for vacations and other fun events they want to do during these months.  Thousands of homes and businesses have been kept cool and comfy through the extended summers and extreme heat here in the valley by Air Care.  The relief for the smaller bills for services combined with the quality of services received from Air Care has been matched by no other in this region.

Finding the lowest and the best pricing in the valley, combined with the most reliable honest Air Conditioning professionals just became easy.  Air Care has raised the bar and the standard leading the way providing the highest rated services in this entire region, without burning holes through wallets and pockets.  Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC is the winning ticket for comfort, cool, efficient and affordable Air Conditioning Service.  









Westinghouse Air Conditioning in Mesa Arizona

Installing a Westinghouse Air Conditioning unit In Mesa, Arizona; Everything you need to know



Westinghouse Air Conditioning Arizona


Air Conditioning Mesa Arizona

Airr Conditioner Repair Mesa AZ









You are considering installing a new Air Conditioning Unit in Mesa AZ.  There are many different options available, this will provide you with a snapshot of Westinghouse features and benefits specifically as you come one step closer to that big decision of how you are going to stay cool year round in our hot desert Valley region of the Southwest.


Westinghouse has one of the widest ranges of possibilities of Air Conditioning Equipment which is one of the things that makes Westinghouse an extremely desirable option when choosing to install a new Air Conditioning System Mesa Arizona. Combine this with the Westinghouse Pledge:  “You’ll get a new system if your compressor or heat exchanger fails within the first 10 years of ownership.”  This promise is a one of a kind in new Heating & Cooling Unit!


Consumer Financing is available on all Westinghouse models, but only through some dealers, ask your dealer about financing options and in addition ask if they offer the Comfort Plus & FTL Finance which includes an option for the Contractor Preferred Protection Plan.  This plan covers any labor associated with any parts repairs or any other defects that may occur in addition to covering what is already covered by their extensive parts warranties.


Westinghouse models range from 1.5 Ton to 5Ton cooling capacity. A total of 15 units are available to choose from in their wide range of possibilities. With 5 minimum efficiency units at a SEER Rating of 13; 2 High efficiency units with a SEER rating of 14/15; 6 Extra high efficiency units with a SEER rating of 15 & 16; 2 Ultra High efficiency units with a SEER rating of 20 & 24.5.  SEER stands for Season Energy Efficiency Rating.  It is a government standard rating system for designating the efficiency of Air Conditioner Units, the higher the number the higher the efficiency of the A/C unit.


Additionally Westinghouse has Gas/Electric units available starting at 15SEER and going up to 20 SEER which is the most efficient gas packaged unit you available to buy and have installed.  Westinghouse has also gone to great lengths to develop and make available units specifically designed to be run quietly.  The 24.5 SEER model designed and available only through Westinghouse is the most energy efficient and the quietest air conditioner existing at this time.


Westinghouse Arizona has packaged only outdoor units as well as split units available, when replacing half of a split unit you must also replace the other half even if it is not having any deficiencies at that time, they do work as a pair, similar to replacing a pair of shoes and not just one.  There are 8 Energy Star Certified Units Available and 5 Ecologic Units on hand.  With a few specialty units to include 1 Hybrid two fuel source systems available and iQ Drive for its two ultra high efficiency units.


Remember you must register your unit after installation for the maximum 10 yrs coverage.  Visit for registration information and to research any further inquiries you may have as well as to locate the nearest certified dealer near you.  Westinghouse is one of the many options available to ensure you; your family, pets and guest have a comfortable, affordable summer in Mesa Arizona.