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Rheem Air conditioners Arizona

Rheems’s air conditioners are built with reliability in mind. When you have a Rheem air conditioning unit installed in your home you are getting one of the best units on the market. There is a consumer report on AC units the comes out every few years Rheem has been in the top 3 every single time. Air Care Cooling & Heating is a top rated Rheem Dealer.

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Rheem High Efficiency Air Conditioners

Rheem Classic13 SEER Air Conditioning Consumer Brochure

Rheem Prestige 13 SEER Air Conditioning Consumer Brochure

Rheem Prestige Communicating Air Conditioning Consumer Brochure


Rheem Gas Furnaces

Rheem gas furnaces have low profile design to fit in many applications yet still produce efficient heating with efficiency’s up to 90 percent AFUE. Pre-paint galvanized steel cabinet, for increased reliability & durability. They are also equipped with Grab-holes in the doors to aid in easy door removal & replacement.










Rheem Gas Furnace

Rheem Classic 80 Gas Furnaces Consumer Brochure

Rheem Classic 95 Gas Furnaces Consumer Brochure

Rheem Prestige 80 Gas Furnaces Consumer Brochure

Rheem Prestige 96 Gas Furnaces Consumer Brochure


Rheem Heat pumps

The  Rheem heat pump line up uses a lower rpm fan motor which uses less power and makes these units extremely quiet when running. The cabinet is powder coated for extra durability. All Rheem heat pumps meet or exceed  a 1000 hour salt spray test to stand up to the toughest weather conditions.
Rheem Air Conditioner

Rheem High Efficiency Heat Pumps

Rheem Classic 13 SEER Heat pumps Consumer Brochure

Rheem Prestige 16 SEER Heat Pumps Consumer Brochure

Rheem Prestige 16 SEER Communicating Heat Pumps Consumer Brochure



Rheem Air handlers

Rheem air handlers come in a variety of  configurations to meet  the install requirements of any application. Available for all air handlers is a optional field installed auxiliary heat strip kit for added heat needed. Durable cabinet construction design for years of service.

Rheem Multi-Position Air Handlers

Rheem Standard Air Handlers Consumer Brochure

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Rheem Indoor cooling coils

Compact but powerful is what Rheem had in mind when they designed these coils. All coil are ARI approved. Multi -position coils are available. With efficiency’s up to 18 seer these coils are a perfect match with the appropriate Rheem condenser.The condensate drain pan is constructed of high grade, heat resistant, corrosion free thermal-set material.


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Rheem Cooling Coils A and N

Rheem Indoor Coils Products Brochure


Rheem All-in-one systems

Rheem all in one package units come in sizes from 2 -5 ton for residential applications. The higher efficiency units having a 2 stage cooling feature to maximize energy savings. Rheem package units are built tough and ready for roof top applications. Quiet and smooth operation combined with a sturdy frame and rugged base rails. Will ensure proper operation and maximum stability on your roof.









Rheem High Efficiency Package Units

Rheem 13 & 14 Seer Dedicated Package Heat Pumps Consumer Brochure

Rheem Up To 14 Seer Convertible  Package Heat Pumps Consumer Brochure

Rheem Convertible Up to 16 seer Gas Pack Package Units Consumer Brochure


Rheem Air cleaners

 Rheem air cleaner is designed to be a whole house air cleaner. It does not require any standard filter. All you have to to use this filter is periodically wash the filter media which can be cleaned in the dishwasher.  This filter will keep your homes air clean for many years to come.
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Rheem Air Quality Products

Rheem Indoor Filters & Air Quality Consumer Brochure



Rheem Thermostats

The Rheem Thermostat line  has  thermostat for every HVAC  application you would need. From basic digital thermostats  to a touch screen model that will actually allow you to control your home temperature remotely.







Rheem Family of Thermostats





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