Take Advantage of a Tune up Opportunity


 Holiday shopping takes a lot of attention away from other projects, but a homeowner should take the opportunity during the winter to schedule a tune-up for the air-conditioning unit in the house. It a practical idea because the air conditioner isn’t used that often in the winter and the AC check up probably will not be that expensive. This is a way of doing some maintenance on equipment that will be extremely important when the temperature start to climb.


Getting Ready For Summer


Air conditioners get a lot of use in the summer and the tune-up repairs done in the winter helps keep the air-conditioning running efficiently when the weather becomes unbearably hot. The HVAC technician will do simple things like calibrate the thermostat, check on the condenser, be sure that the condenser fan motors and blades are in good working order, and see to it the evaporator coil is clean. Actual cleaning is one of the biggest benefits of an AC check up in the winter. The grime and dust that can harm efficiency are swept away and equipment is fine tuned for the high demand season. The HVAC professional can also spot situations where the equipment is starting to wear down and need replacement. It is far better to replace worn out belts and wires now than have to do it in the summer.


Curbing Expenses


An air-conditioning unit that has had a tune-up is one that does not require as much energy to generate the cooling air. The obstacles to efficiency have been removed, and the systems don’t have to put as much effort into maintaining the desired temperature. That translates into lower energy costs and smaller utility bills. It is another reason why taking a break from the holiday shopping to schedule an AC check up is really a great idea.

Record Breaking Temps In Phoenix Arizona

Air Conditioning Repair in Phoenix Arizona




 Here’s what ABC 15 and Adam Slinger had to report


PHOENIX -The phone lines at Valley heating and cooling companies lit up on Thursday evening during the record breaking temperature spike.


“I had a premonition things were gonna go this way,” said Tony Sampino of Air Care Heating and Cooling. “I bought tons of parts and hired extra staff.”


Normally during mid-March, the service calls from customers are to schedule checkups and order new parts, Sampino told ABC15, but because of Thursday’s 95 degree high, all the calls were focused on fixing broken units.


Ideally, before turning on your A/C unit, a professional should inspect and clean the machine, Sampino said.


Filters should also be clean before flipping the switch from “off” to “cool,” he said.

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Prevent your air conditioner from breaking down


Here in Phoenix AZ  the temperature is a scorching 95 degrees out side  and will be for the next few days. Wow 95 degrees in March that’s pretty warm. To avoid costly air conditioning repairs, get a maintenance check from a qualified licensed AC contractor like Air Care. With this  record breaking heat among us, and specially this early in the year now is the time to get your air conditioner check up. This summer will probably be one of the hottest on record and one of the earliest. So don’t be caught in the heat with a broken air conditioner CALL TODAY and get scheduled!  480-238-2273