Trane Air Conditioning Phoenix

Trane air conditioning will last in Phoenix Arizona weather. Trane AC units have  been some of the most reliable air conditioners that we here at Air Care Cooling & Heating have been installing for the last 20 years. We have been to the factory where these Trane units are made and they are defiantly put to the test. That’s the main reason they are so tough.


Trane Air conditioner

Trane air conditioning condensers are some of the finest AC units in all of Arizona. They are definitely the first choice for quality air conditioners. All units come with earth friendly 410a refrigerant.


Trane air conditioner phoenix







Trane 13 Seer to 20 Seer Air Conditioners XL, XR and XB Series


XL 20i         XR 16         XB 14

XL 16i         XR 15         XB 13

XL 15i         XR 13         XB 300


Trane XR Air Conditioning Customer Brochure

Trane XLi Air Conditioning  Customer Brochure


Trane Heat Pumps

Trane heat pumps are known for their efficiency and quiet operation. With their tuff outer shell and quality mechanical parts. Trane heat pumps will keep you warm all winter long and nice and cool all summer long.










Trane 13 to 20 Seer Heat Pumps XL, XR, and XB Series


Trane XR Heat Pumps Customer Brochure

Trane XLi Heat Pumps Customer Brochure


Trane Packaged Units


All Trane packaged units come  with 410 earth friendly refrigerant. The powder coated cabinet is built to withstand extreme outdoor temperatures like we have in Arizona. Available in Gas Pac, Heat Pump and Strait cool models. Axillary heat strips are also available.











Trane 14 SEER And 16 SEER Packaged Systems

Trane XL 16c Gas     Trane XL 16c Heat Pump    Trane XL16c Earthwise

Trane XL 14c Gas     Trane XL 14c Heat Pump    Trane XL 14c Earthwise    Trane XL 14c Air Conditioning


Trane 13 SEER Packaged Systems

Trane XL 13c Gas     Trane XL 13c Heat Pump     Trane XL 13c  Air Conditioning

Trane XB 13c Gas     Trane XB 13c Heat Pump     Trane XB 13c  Air Conditioning

Trane XR 13h Heat Pump


Trane Packaged Systems Customer  Brochure



Trane Air handlers

Trane Variable Speed Air Handlers have the efficiency to circulate cooled or heated air quickly and evenly throughout your home. While removing humidity these variable speed AH will run on low speed for longer periods of time and save money on electricity.











Trane Air Handlers

Trane Air Handler Customer Brochure


Trane Gas Furnaces

Trane gas furnaces come start with a basic single stage multi speed 80%  efficiency furnace and the go all the way up to a variable speed fully modulated furnace. Trane has a furnace for every household and every budget.


Trane gas furnace phoenix








Trane 80% Through 97% AFUE Gas Furnaces


Trane 80 Gas Furnaces Customer Brochure

Trane 95 And 90 Gas Furnaces Customer Brochure



Trane Indoor Cased Coils, and A- Coils

Trane coils are from made aluminum therefore making them more durable then copper and also more efficient because of better heat transfer. All coils are insulated with foil insulation for easy cleaning and durability.











Trane High Efficiency Indoor Coils

Trane All Aluminum Indoor Coils Customer Brochure


Trane Air cleaners


Trane calls their Clean Effects filtration system  the best in the world. The Clean Effects filtration system is one of the best there is when it comes to removing dust and allergens from your home. It is a smart choice for any one who lives in a dusty part of the country.










Trane Clean Effects Whole Home Filtration System

Trane Clean Effects Customer Brochure


Trane Fresh Effects


Circulating fresh air threw you home is the best way to remove any odors from food or pets. Fresh Effects also makes the home air exchange rate a more healthy one, this system is a major upgrade for those who want the freshest air possible










Trane Fresh Effects Energy Recovery Ventilator

Trane Fresh Effects Customer Brochure


Trane Whole Home Humidifiers


Trane humidifiers are perfect for Phoenix Arizona’s dry climate. They also help in the winter to keep the house at the perfect moister level because the heater in the winter time can really dry out a home. Each THUMBD 500 humidifier is rated for homes up to 4200 square feet.










Trane Total Home Humidifiers

Trane Total Home Humidifiers Customer Brochure


Trane Programmable and Touchscreen Thermostats

Trane has a variety of thermostat options many different models of non programmable, programmable and Tranes Comfortlink thermostat that can be remotely controlled with internet access. Trane has a thermostat for ever application.









Trane Thermostats

Trane Thermostats  Customer Brochure

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