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About Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC

We are a team of professional and skilled experts in all aspects air conditioning, heating, plumbing. We offer a wide range of services and at the same time we are always glad to help you with any unconventional household needs:


Always Available

We accept requests and phone calls 24/7 so you could resolve any problem whenever you need. Our emergency team will be at your place to fix the breakdown at short notice.

Qualified Agents

All our team members are high-qualified, educated and skilled agents. All of them are being trained according to the latest technologies. Our newbies work together with experienced colleagues to study all the details.

Fair Prices

Our prices are both fair and affordable for all people. We offer flexible discount system so you could use any service you need.

Best Offers

We provide discounts on the most popular services and on the season services, so you could definitely receive any help without delay.


We work to ensure people’s comfort at their home, and to provide the best and the fastest help at fair prices. We stand for quality, safety and credibility, so you could be sure about our work.

Every member of our team is indeed good at his job and our company guarantees the quality of work and the materials we use.

We value every one of  our employees and every single client, and we strive to do our best to provide you with the best services ever.

Air Care's History

Initially we started as a company specializing in household appliance and air conditioning repairs way back in 1996.  

In 2002 the current ownership took over. The decision was then made to focus on air conditioning repairs. To do that we had to drop anything related to house hold appliances. The appliance department was closed and repurposed for AC repairs. The demand for our  AC service work was so high we then had to expand yet again.

In 2004 we got licensed to do HVAC installations and expanded to a full service contractor. The Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC company brand was born & relocated to Mesa, Arizona. Air care flourished over next several years growing into commercial work. We serviced many large chain accounts including DENNYS, Del Taco, and The UPS store just to name a few.

The economy shifted in 2008 and a good percentage of our residential customers had lost their homes. The ones who did not, were in a very bad place financially. Air Care had to then go through some changes once again to stabilize and maintain the business with the current economy of that time frame.

In 2009 Air Care started to expand to do work with property managers, landlords and banks. This was a viable solution to the economic woes of Arizona and the rest of the country. We worked hard and got through some tuff spots, it was a challenging position to be in but the teams perseverance and our stellar reputation got us through it.

In 2011 things were going as planned and the economy had started to recover. Things were looking bright, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Now for us to get back to our pre economy crash, glory days we new we had to do something different. The stage was set for us start our plumbing division. We did so in small incremental phases slowly working over those next few years to build it up to. Eventually building it up to do full service plumbing.

During our run of successful years from then till now work we have continually expanded our list of services. Now we are proud that we can help people with duct sealing, duct cleaning and sanitizing, Total indoor air quality solutions, Radiant barrier installation, and even attic insulation.


We  take air conditioning emergency service quite serious. We can be at your home the same day to provide you with an emergency  repair.  In the case of normal heating cooling or plumbing service we will set up a appointment time that’s convenient for you. 

You may contact us any time to get that set up.

When you use Air Care for your HVAC repairs, rest assured your are receiving a fair price. Our pricing structure comes in at far less than the nation average.

However to answer the question of why is AC repair so expensive in general. Here are just a few of the many reasons why.

The cost of running a air conditioning  / plumbing business is really high. Things like ongoing training & certifications for all staff members. The high cost of insurance working on roofs and electricity daily. The cost to maintain a fleet of fully stocked vehicles, just to name a few.

In general to provide fast yet high quality service there are investment there are some operational cost involved the customers never really think about, these just see the final price.

The truth is you can never have “dirt cheap” and  the highest quality standards in the same business model. It is two conflicting ways of doing things.

We choose to do it right and bring the high quality to the forefront. We have also optimized our business for the last 2 decades to reduce or cost as much as possible. Never sacrificing the quality of work while coming in at a fair price. 


We will work on your timeline. It can be as soon as the same day you call us or we can push it out a few weeks to when you are ready.

Once the job starts it will usually be 1 to 2 days. Most single systems can be completed that same day depending on working conditions.

Some working conditions that could speed up or slow the job down are:

  • Proper access to the equipment at the jobsite.
  • Start time of the job( early morning is always best)
  • Running info unforeseen problems( i walls or hidden in the attic)


Cost for a new HVAC system can vary depending on the circumstance’s of the home or business.

Another key factor is, what the customer is looking for, We can put together any package a customer may need, The package can we any where from bare bones to every bell & whistle possible 

The price range on these systems can start as low as $5,000 and go up to $ 20,000 or more in some commercial units.

When thinking about budgeting for new home new heating and cooling system installation. A home owner  would be safe to factor in the cost at any where from $8,000 to $10,000 as that is about the average cost for retrofit new HVAC installation.


 A heating & cooling system can last a long time depending on a few factors.

Starting with the quality of installation. This is first because it is by far the most important factor when talking about longevity of a system.

Track home builders usually contract ac/ heating installations in high volume. The usual case is the low bidder gets the job. Sometimes this may translate to not having the highest possible quality of installation.

Secondly, the maintenance that has been performed on the unit. Think about a automobile and its maintenance vs. the life of the car. It really matters how often the maintenance was done and did they do it correctly. You should only use reputable HVAC professionals to perform maintenance.

The last main factor is do you have a quality brand HVAC system. This is last on the list because this day and age  the manufacturing standards between  top brands are a lot closer than they were many years ago.

We have seen units older than 35 years out there and still running. We have also seen unit totally abused or installed incorrectly and last 6 months.

If you meet  the 3 main factors, proper installation, proper maintenance and quality brand of equipment.

You should experience many great years of cooling & heating. What we are seeing here in the valley on average most people are getting  about 10 years of life of there AC units give or take a few.

The weather in the Mesa / Phoenix metro  is hard on air conditioning units. The heating side of units get it kind of easy since we have relatively mild winters here in Arizona.

We are always available to come out and do a evaluation for a new HVAC systems condition. We provide this service at no cost to you.





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