Preventive Maintenance Agreement

Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance Agreements

Everyone knows that you choose to pay your auto mechanic a small amount now for routine maintenance, or you can pay a huge bill later for major repairs. It’s no different for your cooling and heating system, especially in the sweltering Phoenix, Arizona heat. That’s how our Preventive Maintenance Agreement (PMA) gives homeowners peace of mind.

Maintain Efficiency

An poorly maintained air conditioning unit looses about 5% of its efficiency every year it operates. In other words, your 12-SEER unit purchased several years ago could be operating as a 9-SEER unit today! But you can avoid losing most of that efficiency with a regular maintenance program from Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC.

You need to “tune-up” your cooling and heating system at scheduled intervals just like your automobile. Doing so will retain 95% of your system’s original efficiency.

Energy Savings

You save energy and money when you maximize the performance of your system with a Preventive Maintenance Agreement. For example, dirty coils and dirty blower wheels directly impact the air flow of your HVAC system. That causes the fan motor to work harder—costing you energy efficiency and shortening the lifespan of your equipment.

An Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC. Preventive Maintenance Agreement (PMA) stretches the lifespan of your cooling and heating system to its full life cycle and beyond. You’ll quickly recover the cost of your maintenance warranty through savings on your electric bill by retaining near peak system performance and by making fewer repairs.

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Worry-Free HVAC for 10-Years!

To achieve the most from your cooling and heating system we offer homeowners total peace of mind with our worry-free labor warranty when you purchase a new system from us. For the entire life of your unit, we’ll perform a thorough tune-up every six months to ensure peak operating efficiency. If anything goes wrong while we’re maintaining your system, then it’s on us! Imagine no out of pocket expense for ten full years. That’s what “worry-free” means at Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC.

Preventive Maintenance Agreement

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Is an air conditioning preventive maintenance agreement (PMA) worth the extra cost? Homeowners are often on the fence about the additional cost of an air conditioner preventive maintenance agreement. Some neglect air conditioning maintenance altogether.

Now there’s a reason why air conditioning technicians and manufacturers strongly recommend regular HVAC maintenance services. HVAC maintenance provides a myriad of benefits that you should take advantage of. 

So whether you’re replacing an old system or moving into a new place that needs a new heating and cooling system, don’t be quick to disregard preventive maintenance plans. Maintenance contracts are worth looking into because it’s the best way to take care of your HVAC system at home.

As one of your biggest investments at home, taking care of your air conditioning system is a priority, and HVAC maintenance contracts help you maintain your heating and air conditioning system better, faster, and at a fraction of the cost.

What is AC preventive maintenance?

Every cooling and heating system needs regular preventive maintenance services. Preventive HVAC maintenance refers to the regular proactive maintenance of HVAC equipment to keep it running in top condition and to prevent unplanned downtime from unexpected heating and air conditioning system failure.

Preventive maintenance services help HVAC service technicians and customers anticipate and prevent the breakdown of the air conditioning system due to normal wear and tear, age-related setbacks, and random system failure. Preventative maintenance keeps your heating and cooling system in excellent condition and fixes HVAC system issues before they turn into full-blown disasters.

As a homeowner, you’re not expected to perform preventive maintenance measures on your heating and cooling equipment other than cleaning and replacing air filters and clearing the area around the outdoor unit. You are, however, expected to schedule system repairs and routine maintenance services with a professional air conditioning service tech who will fix your unit.  Any home comfort adviser with the proper experience can be utilized for that task.

What is an AC preventive maintenance agreement?

An AC preventive maintenance agreement is a contract between a homeowner and an HVAC contractor who will provide regular cleaning, tuning up, and other routine maintenance services on an AC equipment. 

Typically, the maintenance contract details the number of scheduled maintenance visits per year by a service technician, a checklist for thorough equipment systems inspection, and service priority if and when emergency services arise. Some preventive service contracts cover service labor alone while others include labor and parts. 

The ideal HVAC maintenance agreement must also meet the specific needs of the customers and, more importantly, the needs of the comfort system. For instance, houses in heavily polluted areas may need an additional maintenance visit to ensure the heating and air conditioning system is in good shape.

Preventative maintenance for air conditioning and heat pump varies from one HVAC company to another. At Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC, we run the whole gamut from checking electrical connections, lubricating moving parts, to cleaning filters, coils, and pipes. Our AC technicians also examine the condensate drain, the refrigerant levels, as well as the blower motor and the thermostat. 

Our thorough tune ups and preventive HVAC services allow us to give appropriate recommendations to home and business owners and provide long-lasting solutions to any heating and cooling issue.

Do I need an HVAC maintenance plan?

The short answer is yes. Every homeowner with a heating and air conditioning equipment must have an HVAC system maintenance contract.

Maintenance plans protect customers from unexpected emergency repairs that lead to costly repair costs and overtime charges. Maintenance plans also provide customers priority over customers without maintenance plans. This priority comes in really handy when emergency service is needed during hot summer months in Arizona.

So in a sense, a preventive maintenance agreement is insurance that you shouldn’t pass up. It is important to your HVAC system and, really, to your peace of mind too.


What is the importance of preventive HVAC maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is essential to every heating and air conditioning system. It prevents minor issues from turning into an emergency. Preventive maintenance services also extend the life of your heating and air conditioning unit so you can make the most of your investment without consuming too much energy. Finally, a preventive maintenance service maintains air quality in your home.

Preventive maintenance is essential to every heating and air conditioning system. It prevents costly repairs, reduces energy costs, extends the life of the heating and air conditioning equipment, and complies with warranty requirements. It also promotes safety in your home. A cracked heat exchanger on a furnace could end up being fatal due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Prevent costly repairs

Emergency repair and replacement services can be costly, but when you need these services, you’re often left with no choice but to get your equipment fixed regardless of the money involved. With preventive maintenance, you can prevent costly repairs by fixing minor issues.

Part of Air Care Cooling & Heating’s preventive maintenance services is to check every HVAC component for potential issues. These are resolved before they hurt the performance of the heater or air conditioner and, ultimately, hurt your pockets too.

Reduce energy bills

When an HVAC unit stops working properly, it works harder to compensate for its poor performance. This effort results in an increase in energy consumption, which then leads to higher utility bills. Preventive maintenance prevents such from happening by making sure that your heating and air conditioning system is in its peak performance.

Extend the life of your system

Heating and cooling systems don’t last forever, but regular maintenance gives you the chance to extend and maximize the life of your system at home. When the system is cleaned and given proper tuning up services, it helps the HVAC system to recover from the stress of its daily operation and from age-related pressure.

Stay protected under warranty

A warranty lessens out-of-pocket expenses. Air conditioning manufacturers and contractors provide a warranty in one form or another, but the coverage usually requires proof of regular or annual maintenance services. Hence, giving your AC much-needed maintenance is one way of ensuring you get the benefits of a manufacturer’s warranty or an installer’s warranty.

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What are the benefits of a PMA?

Predictable and lower costs over the course of the contract

When you sign a preventative maintenance agreement, the majority of your expenses are determined well in advance. When your HVAC system goes down, you won’t have to worry about pay overtime or premium labor rates, rush charges on equipment, or emergency rates. Maintenance contracts give you the benefit of discounted rates as part of the maintenance agreement.

Minimized costly downtime

With regular inspections and tune ups that are covered by a preventative maintenance agreement, potential problems can be identified well in advance.  These issues can then be fixed before they become full-blown emergencies that require costly repairs or replacements. 

With a maintenance agreement for your heating and cooling system in place, the financial impact of unexpected downtime can be significantly minimized.

Reduced Stress

When a heating and cooling system stops working properly, stress is never too far away. As the supply of cool air decreases, so does your home’s comfort level. In Arizona, where summers are known to be brutal and even life-threatening, downtimes can be extremely stressful.

Service technicians are often heavily loaded with different HVAC service requests in summer. So an emergency service is not only difficult to come by but it costs extra too.

Maintenance service agreements help you avoid such stressful scenarios. Most heating and air conditioning maintenance plans give a discount for system repairs and give PMA customers priority service over non-PMA customers.

Extend Systems Lifespan

Regular preventative maintenance helps extend the life of an air conditioner. Typically, given the right conditions, HVAC systems have ten to twelve year. However, in Arizona, an air conditioner may last eight to twelve years only.

Extreme weather and the environments play a huge role in the performance of AC equipment and its lifespan. With proper upkeep, you stand a better chance of maximizing your AC to its fullest lifespan. Without regular tune up services, the opposite is just as true.

Although most homeowners understand the benefits of routine maintenance, many balk at the money involved. What many of these homeowners fail to understand is that preventive maintenance plans easily pay for themselves over a short time.

The upfront fees of preventive maintenance contracts is little compared to the costly repairs and expensive replacement services.

Priority Service

The usual preventative maintenance contract is contractually bound to provide service within a specified response time. Due to this, HVAC companies give customers with preventative maintenance plans priority over those without.

Priority service is a godsend when your air conditioner is not working properly and it’s over 100 degrees outside. When it’s difficult to book an emergency service during summer, it’s a relief to turn to an HVAC contractor who is legally bound to give you services within a reasonable amount of time.

Air Care values the relationships that we have built within the communities that we serve. All staff members here at Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC, have the experience and knowledge to help with any questions related to home comfort.

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