Slab Leak Repair


Slab Leak Detection is such a specialized area of the plumbing industry that not every plumbing company has the necessary equipment and experience needed to detect and repair slab leaks.

At Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC, we’re experts in detecting and repairing leaks of all kinds. We use advanced leak detection equipment that enables our technicians to effectively locate and repair leaks. In addition, our service technicians have been detecting leaks for more than 15 years in the Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding metropolitan areas.

Therefore, you can be sure that we have the knowledge and equipment to find your leak fast!

Some of the slab leak detection and repair services we offer include:

You can confidently call our top-rated company and get expert leak detection, leak repairs, or any other plumbing services you need. Our technicians will give you and your property the respect and attention you deserve.

cracks in concrete slabs

If you want your plumbing leaks properly diagnosed and repaired, then contact the pro’s at  Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC today—even if you only suspect that you may have a leak, you’re better off being cautious and having it checked out. Initially, don’t take the chance of allowing a small problem to grow into a large and expensive problem down the road.

Likewise, no matter how small or large your plumbing needs may be, we’ll ensure that you get fast and reliable results at a fair price.
Contact us now to set up your next water heater service—Saturday appointments are available upon request!

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