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Energy Star Rebate on Water Heaters & Plumbing

There is big talk about all of the energy star rebates in Phoenix available this year on many select models of everything from Appliances, Heating and Cooling Equipment, Home Electronics, Office Equipment, Residential Water Heaters and more.

How can you know how to save money and benefit from this wide range of Rebates available on such a wide range of products? What is an Energy Star Water Heater and how did it get this rating? We have done the research for you and accessed everything available for rebates from Energy Star in reference to Residential Water Heaters and related plumbing products.

Why Energy Star Water Heaters

Did you know that water heaters can account for 14% to 25% of the energy usage in your home? This makes finding the most efficient hot water heater a top priority when considering the costs of maintaining your household and comfort.

How does a Water Heater Become An Energy Star?

To be chosen by the EPA to be listed as an Energy Star Product the water heater must contribute significant energy savings. Its specific energy usage and performance must be measured and verified with testing. Basically any water heater that is saving the environment and more importantly saving your pocket book with the highest industry standards is listed as an Energy Star.

Federal Tax Credits For Energy Star Products

To help reduce greenhouse gases and save the environment the Federal Government encourages us to buy products specifically rated to accomplish this goal by issuing tax credits when anyone chooses to buy an Energy Star Water Heater. For the 2013 tax year just under way there is a tax rebate available for gas, oil and propane water heaters for $300 with an energy factor greater than or equal to 0.82 thermal efficiency of at last 90% and on electric water heaters also for $300 with an energy factor greater than or equal to 2.0. Save your receipts and go to for complete details to receive your credit.

Energy Star Rebates Available On Water Heaters locally

Currently Southwest Gas has a special offer rebate on recycling whole home gas tank-less hot water heaters with ongoing dates no end currently listed on this offer. Rebates are $450 for this offer; call 1-866-802-7790 or visit their website. Southwest Gas is also offering a $450 Energy Star Rebate Phoenix on qualified natural gas tank-less water heaters. To qualify or find out more information to participate in this rebate, contact Southwest Gas at 1-800-654-2765.

Savings, finding rebates, Quality

We like to save our customers money. More so, however, we like to provide our customers with quality, high efficiency products keeping them satisfied for many years to come as well keeping that extra little change in their pockets rather than paying for the rising cost of power today. We will always keep you informed on Energy Star products, Rebates, and Tax Credits and the best high efficiency water heaters available to you year round.