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Air Conditioning and Heating Service in San Tan Valley, AZ

air conditioning service san tan valley Arizona
air conditioning service san tan valley AZ

 Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC  has nearly two decades of experience in the air conditioning installation, service, and repair industry, you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality services possible. Air Care offers its customers fast, friendly service at an affordable price.  Air Care offers many of the best brands of equipment on the market along with our long-standing reputation. We offer unmatched reliability and quality in air conditioning installation, service and repair.

If you need your central air conditioning for your home or office replaced, you should consider using the Air Care Preferred Customer Replacement Program.  This is available to anyone who is on the current PMA ( preventive maintenance agreement) program for maintenance. This program will save you money on your new HVAC installation . It will entitle you to extra financing offers, special cash back from manufacturers, and we will pass on special factory incentives on to you, when they are available.

HVAC Maintenance

When you have an cooling & heating system in your home, it is important to have it inspected twice yearly by a licensed San Tan Valley area air conditioning preventative maintenance company. A licensed and certified preventative maintenance technician can check and replace your air conditioner’s filters to ensure that it is working properly. He can also clean your air conditioner and inspect the air ducts to keep them in top shape.

Most of our existing customers are very familiar with our PMA program and are already benefiting from the priority service and the many discounts.

 If you are a new or potential customer, I will explain how the PMA program works and why it’s a really good deal. It will definitely save you money on your central air conditioning repair or replacement. You will purchase a package from us to perform maintenance on your AC/ Heating unit for a predetermined amount of time anywhere from 3 to 10 year plans are available. The most common plan is the five year plan. 

The plan includes such benefits as:

The extent of the plan is vast, and does vary a little depending on your cooling & heating set up. One of our certified HVAC techs can help guide you in finding the most suitable plan for you and go over all the fine details. Just give our office a call to set that up.

What You Get With Air Care

When choosing a company to provide your air conditioning, and heating service you want to make sure that the company you choose is certified and licensed by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Also, choose a company that uses only high quality parts & equipment to ensure that your air conditioning/heating system performs at its best for many years.

Researching and reading ratings on different air conditioning & heating companies is a must before you decide on the right one to provide you air conditioning services. This will assist you finding the best company for your needs.

We here at Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC have been in the industry for a very long time and we are confident in our abilities to perform the finest quality work for our customers. We invite all potential customers to take a look on the web to see what others are saying. We also have a long list of customers that will vouch for our service and have provided many testimonials

San Tan Valley, Arizona


Air Conditioning Installation Service AZ

Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC offers professional  installations of air conditioners, heat pumps, gas furnaces, air handlers, cooling coils,  and rooftop package units. Some of the brands we prefer to install are Trane, Rheem, Amana, and Day & Night. These are the air conditioning brands we have had the highest rate of success with also the lowest warranty recalls cost.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Air Care for your next heating or cooling job:

At Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC, we believe that every San Tan Valley customer should feel comfortable in their home…and as your local HVAC Contractor, that’s our job to make sure your comfortable. We understand how it feels to be without AC in the heat of summer, a 120 degree day isn’t for the weak at heart. We also know how cold it  can get in a home when you have a inoperable heating system.

That’s why, at Air Care, we pride ourselves on fast emergency repairs to homeowners, regardless of the air conditioner or heating service you need.

We’ve been serving San Tan Valley homeowners for over 15 years. We are available to take care of any problem that you may be having with your  HVAC system. Call us or schedule online today!



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