What We Do?

Heating and Cooling Services
BEST HVAC REPAIR AND SERVICE COMPANY IN THE VALLEY A reliable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is a must in the Phoenix metropolitan area to keep us cool
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Air Conditioner Maintenance

There are a great number of different types of Air Conditioner units. They require regular inspection and maintenance. We provide all kinds of HVAC services to all types of conditioners of all years of production.

  • electrical panel upgrades
  • re-wiring
  • switcher and breaker repair

When it comes to electrical installation and electrical repair, JohnnyGo has years of experience which ensures that we'll give expert solutions for your electrical problems. Our certified electricians have years of experience and miles of cables being untangled!

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Ductless Split AC System

Ductless split AC units are a definite step-up from the standard central air unit. Its main advantage is that several indoor blower units can operate separately in different rooms connected to one outdoor condenser.

  • faucets and sinks
  • showers and tubs

JohnnyGo can ensure you always have no problems with water and plumbing as our experts know how to handle all of this!

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Air Conditioner Replacement

When finally hot summer season comes the worth thing is not-working cooling air conditioner. It's better to repair and replace it in time, and we are ready to do it quickly and at the highest level, so you will be ready to summer heat.

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Fast, efficient, clean and respectful. Plus they over estimated the time it would take so we ended up under the estimate.

Sherene Jensen LA / Orange County California 10/10 rating