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Air Conditioning and Heating Service Chandler Arizona

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Fast and Reliable AC Services In Chandler, AZ

The last thing you need at the end of a busy day is a broken air conditioning and heating system. In Chandler, AZ as well as other all other cities surrounding Phoenix cities, a faltering AC system is a disaster waiting to happen一 unless you have a trusted HVAC service provider to come to your rescue.

That’s what we do at Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC. We ensure your home in AZ is cool and comfortable. With more than 20 years of experience and expertise in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, you can count on us to deliver the best services for your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump.

Our goal is to provide excellent solutions and fast, reliable, and efficient services including AC repair, installation, and maintenance. Our team of professional technicians share the company’s commitment to be the most trusted HVAC services provider in the area.


Who We Are

Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC is a locally owned air conditioning company with more than 2 decades of experience in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services throughout Chandler AZ and other cities in the greater Phoenix and East Valley areas.

A full-service dealer, we are bonded, insured, and fully licensed to provide air conditioning, heating system installation, repair, and maintenance services. Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, we strive hard to give you the best customer experience in Chandler AZ and nearby locations.

Our reliable technicians are certified to work on all air conditioning, heating makes and models. For your convenience, we are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide fast and quality HVAC services.

Air Conditioning & Heating Repair in Gilbert, Arizona
HVAC Customers Mesa Arizona

Outstanding Customer Service

Our priorities are simple: excellent HVAC services and outstanding customer experience at all times. We go above and beyond to meet your heating and cooling needs as quickly and as efficiently as possible because we know clean, cool air is important to keep your Chandler home comfortable.

We strongly encourage homeowners to read online reviews about Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC by our past customers. These reviews reflect the kind of service we deliver as well as our commitment to our customer base in Chandler and other cities in the Valley. Our team is always happy to serve you and to give you the best HVAC solutions.

What We Do

Air Conditioning Installation Chandler AZ

More than 30 percent of air conditioning installations in the US are done improperly. This leads to high utility bills and unnecessary stress. In Chandler AZ and neighboring areas, it may lead to serious life-threatening situations in the summer.

Our professional technicians take no short-cuts when installing heating and air conditioning systems. From pre-installation home visits, product demo and recommendations, estimate of prices, and aftercare services, we cover every point to make the installation process efficient and hassle-free for you.

We have live phone operators that are available 24 hours a day should you need assistance after the installation of your unit. An HVAC expert will be happy to assist customers on the service call. Installing an air conditioning, heating system in your home is not the end of our business relationship. We hope it’s just the beginning.

Air conditioning installation Chandler Arizona

Air Conditioning Repair Chandler AZ

Air conditioning repair Chandler AZ

Heating and air conditioning repair is part of normal equipment wear and tear, but there’s never a good time to need one. When the need does arise, our service techs are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year for all types of emergency service.

We provide fast and reliable air conditioning and heating repair and replacement services throughout Chandler and the greater Phoenix area, including Mesa AZ, Gilbert AZ.

Whether the problem is a simple heat pump or AC malfunction, our technicians at Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC are fully equipped and highly trained to provide the best solution for you. We strive to meet your heating and cooling needs because we know our services bring warmth and comfort to your home.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Chandler AZ

Poor upkeep leads to poor performance. Routine maintenance services keep HVAC systems working properly. It extends the lifespan of your air conditioner and prevents unexpected equipment issues and high energy consumption. Even perfectly working air conditioning equipment must be regularly cleaned and serviced by an HVAC technician twice a year.

Other than cleaning and replacing air filters and ensuring outdoor units are not obstructed, leave regular tuning-up services to the experts, like our highly trained HVAC professionals.

Our technicians go through an air conditioning maintenance checklist to ensure a thorough and efficient maintenance service. Our goal is always to keep your air conditioner in optimal condition.

Air conditioning maintenance Chandler Arizona

Why Choose Us

We care about the air quality in your home. As a family owned company, we know just how important indoor air is for your family’s comfort and we strive to provide the best solutions that are right for you.

We take pride in what we do and we take the necessary steps to ensure all our technicians are fully equipped with the knowledge, training, and equipment to provide you the best heating and cooling services.

From service call to on-site services, we help customers find the best solution to their HVAC problems by providing professional recommendations. We know an educated customer is an empowered customer so we don't take short-cuts. Instead, we educate customers, answer queries, and give professional advice before we fix issues once and for all.

Emergencies can happen anytime anywhere. Heating and air conditioning units are no exceptions. They can break down in the middle of the night or, worse, in the middle of summer in Chandler. Having a trusted HVAC company in your area on speed dial for emergency service requests is a good idea.

Call us and our 24 hour live operator will get you the help you need as soon as possible, if not sooner.

We service Chandler and other neighboring cities in the East Valley and Phoenix, AZ 7 days a week.

Our HVAC technicians are locals of Chandler AZ and the entire East Valley. They are background-checked and factory-trained. They undergo rigorous training to be certified professionals in heating and air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance services. They constantly keep them abreast with the latest developments in the industry in order to provide the best solutions to your needs.

Our local technicians understand the demands of the desert sun. They are committed to providing homeowners, such as yourself, the best heating, air conditioning services in Chandler AZ and neighboring cities in Phoenix AZ and East Valley.

Cooling and heating systems are expensive, especially when you're buying quality ones. Air conditioning, heating services and parts can be costly too. They can set your budget back significantly, but they are necessary expenses, especially in Chandler and other cities in the Phoenix, AZ area where the heat can sometimes be unbearable especially in the summer months.

Keeping your home cool and comfortable is a priority even when it means a big out-of-pocket expense.

As part of our customer service, we provide customers easy financing options. This includes zero-interest credit and easy-approved loans. With these options, we hope to give every customer the freedom to choose the HVAC system of their choice and the ability to pay it through flexible payment plans.

More A/C Services

We provide a broad range of heating, cooling, and plumbing services. No matter how big or small the job—we can help you!

Give us a call and let one of our comfort specialists review your situation and we’ll recommend a solution for you that very same day.

How we provide a great service at such a great price

HVAC customer iPad estimate

The difference between Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC and all the other HVAC contractors in the industry is like night and day. We choose to leverage technology to increase  our efficiency of our operation.

It increases the speed of information exchange between the office employees and the service tech. This communication means we can handle priority appointment settings faster and with greater efficiency.

When a crew member is dispatched to clients home. He has all the historical information, all past repair quotes, any repairs done, history of leaks, condenser make & model of unit, the amount of freon used, the installers name, the exiting warranty, all add on products, ducts cleaned, parts used, attic insulation specs, filter size, last tune up, every last detail of work performed.

All this information works in our favor to  keep pricing down because we know every repair issue that has happened to your system. In addition to all that info we keep track of all your A/C maintenance history. Our system handles all the service needs of our customers. It increases the level of our service and allows to keep our prices down.

Estimates For New Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

Where other HVAC contractors have stumbled, we have flourished. We can help guide you to the most cost effective solution to your needs. We specialize in energy efficient high seer equipment. We will work with equipment manufactures even APS and SRP electric company’s to find you cash back and rebates. We also help find promotional offers such as special financing rates and payment plans. We will work on your behalf to get you the best possible out the door purchase price.

We will perform a thorough inspection of your entire HVAC system including the duct work throughout your home. This also includes your condenser, evaporator coil, thermostat, drain lines, copper lines, air registers, return air filter grill. Air Care’s process is so inclusive we also take a look at your electrical panel, breaker size, your high and low voltage wiring. We do all this to ensure a properly installed HVAC system.

ac customer free estimate

Contact Us

Finding the right HVAC service provider is a big deal. In Chandler and nearby locations in AZ, look no further than  Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC. With our tested and proven track record in AC repair, installation, and maintenance, you are guaranteed top rated service and outstanding customer service

Our service area is Chandler, AZ 85225, 85224, 85226, 85248, 85249, 85286 and all of Maricopa County.

No other HVAC contractors in Chandler will care for your AC project as we would. From service calls to home inspections, we are happy to serve. For all your heating cooling issues, call us and experience the  Air Care service guarantee. Be one of our satisfied customers now.


Read our most recent Google Reviews

Based on 482 reviews
Marilyn Van Eynde
Marilyn Van Eynde
Ken, our technician, inspected our entire heating/cooling system. He took pictures of areas that needed sealing and explained why they should be sealed. He also explained why the oil in the air conditioning system should have a one time change. He was able to complete the maintenance quickly during his scheduled visit. An appointment was made to have our entire ductwork cleaned and sanitized. Sale prices and a bundling discount made the entire package more affordable, but knowledge of the health and equipment benefits convinced us of the need for the work to be done. Ken's knowledge, experience, and friendly disposition were very appreciated. Marilyn & Jerry 2/8/24
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones
Over the years I've had my air-condition serviced by many Air Conditioning Companies and this is the first time I had a very pleasant experience. Robert was very knowledgeable, professional and informative. He took pictures and explained everything,"the good and the bad ". My units are over 20 years old, and when I choose to pull the trigger on buying a new unit I will definitely purchase from Air Care with Robert navigating the sale. Great service!
Jim Landeros
Jim Landeros
Unfortunately I would caution anyone dealing with this group to find someone else. Since the install of 2 new A/C units in my home, I have had years of issues and an unworking system. Also, promises made are still unkept. Caution. Caution.
Manny Gonzalez
Manny Gonzalez
Ken showed up today and as usual , thorough check out and he’s always done very well. Every time he shows up at my residence, he’s punctual. Being an ex aerospace technical lead and aerospace systems test engineer with electrical background, I’m very confident with everything he does and how he articulates what he’s doing when he’s doing it, this individual represents the Air Care business very well. Take care of him and justify his compensation has well. Thank you Manny Gonzalez.
Marcia Kern
Marcia Kern
Ken is the best tech. He doesn't try to upcharge us and he always explains why we need something done and shows pictures of what he is talking about.
Kevin Hogan
Kevin Hogan
Excellent work very appreciated. Did a tremendous job.
Mike Reiner
Mike Reiner
Ken was veryprofessional and open wuth sharing pictures and information about the condition of our AC unit. Excellent service!
Marlene Gielow
Marlene Gielow
We purchased our split system from Air Care in May, 2021. Called them to come out for an issue in June, 2022. James was at the house within 30 minutes. James resolved the issue and took care of some non urgent issues too!! We so appreciated James extra effort! Every technician that has serviced the units since then has been wonderful! Ken came out today to service the heating system. He was very friendly, professional and efficient. Vincent came out to do a water heater inspection. He was also very professional, friendly and efficient. I highly recommend Air Care Cooling & Heating!
Lisa Cassidy
Lisa Cassidy
Nick looked our system over and suggested a small upgrade at a reasonable price. He was super friendly and seemed very knowledgeable. We didn't feel like we were getting scammed like we have been by most other service providers. We are going to request Nick by name from now on.
Janet Drone
Janet Drone
Ken was out and did my AC maintenance and explained everything in detail so I could understand my system. Great service glad to have Air Care for 5 years now been great
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