What's Included in an Air Conditioner Tune-Up

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What's Included in an Air Conditioner Tune-Up

Your air conditioning system is only as good as its upkeep. That’s not an exaggeration. That’s a fact. Poor upkeep leads to poor air conditioning performance. Because the truth is, regardless of make and model, every air conditioning system, even the best ones, needs regular air conditioning maintenance.

Many homeowners don’t take annual maintenance services seriously. Many prefer to do it by themselves to avoid maintenance fees. Some put it off until their air conditioner is in trouble. Those make for the perfect summer nightmare, especially if you live anywhere in Arizona. 

An air conditioner needs maintenance before the summer heat kicks in every year. That means, now is the best time to call an HVAC technician for an AC unit inspection, cleaning, and tune-up.  What can you expect from professional air conditioner maintenance and why shouldn’t you do it on your own?

Understanding how neglect, normal wear and tear, and age put a strain on your AC system will help you appreciate regular system inspection and maintenance services. Maintenance is a job for the pro unless you have proper training, complete equipment, and HVAC knowledge.

Why does the air conditioning system need maintenance?

The HVAC system is a complex system composed of many different parts. Each part or component plays a role that affects the heating and cooling of your home. Neglect, normal wear and tear, and age affect the efficiency of the component, reducing the efficiency of the whole HVAC system.

Aside from heating and cooling your home, the HVAC system also prevents pollutants from contaminating indoor air. Over time this can cause a buildup of dust and dirt and clog air filters and other components.

If not addressed immediately, this can result in weak or insufficient airflow and cause other problems like duct leaks, frozen coils, blocked condensate drain line, low refrigerant levels, overheating blower motor, among others.   

Wear and tear are normal for air conditioners, especially as they age, but when not immediately fixed, it will result in poor air conditioning system performance, frequent costly repairs, and shorter AC lifespan.

What can you expect from an AC system tune-up?

The service inclusions from one heating, air conditioning company to another slightly vary. When you call Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC, our highly trained technicians give a thorough inspection and tune-up of both indoor components and the outdoor unit.

Typically, our services include checking electrical connections, lubricating moving parts, condensate drain examination, fan assessment, refrigerant inspection, as well as the usual inspection of filters, vents, pipes, thermostats, etc.

Another thing that sets Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC apart is the level of service we provide your heating, air conditioning system at home. For instance, we take no shortcuts and always provide customers the right information and the best solutions. We take pride in our thorough, efficient, professional tune-ups.

AC Maintenance checklist

20-Point AC maintenance checklist

When you call us for cleaning, tune-up, and maintenance services, our professional technicians follow a special procedure, which we rounded off to a 20-point checklist. Here’s what you can expect from us at Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC:

  • Tighten and safety test all wiring and electrical connections, including kinked wiring inside the condenser, burned capacitor connections and burned fuses.
  • Lubricate all moving parts to reduce friction.
  • Clean or replace air filters.
  • Measure operating pressures and exiting and returning air temperatures. Adjust depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Measure refrigerant levels and superheat to charge.
  • Check thermostat settings and calibrate as needed.
  • Test the amp draw of the compressor.
  • Inspect the air handler for leaks.
  • Drain the condensate lines or flush condensate drain to prevent overflow.
  • Listen for motor malfunction.
  • Test run capacitors.
  • Check blower components, including blower motor, and clean the blower wheel.
  • Inspect the ducts for leaks.
  • Inspect control boards for shorts and arching.
  • Clean outdoor condenser coil.
  • Meter voltage and amperage in all motors.
  • Tighten electrical breakers
  • Check air temperature differential.
  • Test refrigeration system operations and ensure all is within specifications.
  • Provide home or business owner a detailed inspection report.

Why is spring (and fall) the best time for HVAC maintenance tune-up?

HVAC technicians strongly recommend air conditioning maintenance in spring or before the heating season kicks in. If you have a heat pump, pre-season tune-ups should be during fall to prepare for the colder months.

Here are 3 reasons why spring (and fall) is the best time for HVAC systems maintenance:

1. Prepare the AC in time for summer

HVAC companies recommend system maintenance in spring because major air conditioning breakdowns are a no-no in summer.

A pre-season cleaning, tune-up, and maintenance service will make sure your cooling system is ready to take on the heat of the summer months and give comfort to your home. A preventive inspection will give the HVAC technician the chance to fix minor issues that are likely to become full-blown problems in summer when the A/C system is under a lot of stress.

2. Save on maintenance and tune-up costs

Summer is the busiest time for AC technicians. When your AC unit breaks down in summer, who knows how soon you can get an emergency repair or replacement service as most air conditioning technicians are heavily booked.

This shortage of professional technicians leads to another disadvantage: expensive repair, replacement, maintenance service costs. The cost to repair, replace, and maintain an air conditioner skyrockets in summer.

To avoid spending more money on preventive heating and cooling services, call a pro from a reputable HVAC company as early as the first few weeks of spring.

3. Warranty compliance

Major air conditioning manufacturers require yearly preventive service as part of the warranty terms. Warranty coverage may be denied if there is no proof of annual preventive maintenance.

4. Improve home comfort and indoor air quality during summer

The summer heat can make your home feel so uncomfortable. A pre-season maintenance service can save you from such uncomfortable situations. While waiting for a professional technician, make sure your AC filters are clean and the vents are not obstructed for consistent cool airflow.

What can you do in between regular maintenance services?

Clean and replace air filters

Clean your air filter at least once every 30 days to prevent the buildup of dirt and debris. A clogged air filter causes weak airflow, which affects other air conditioner components like the refrigerant and the coils. To compensate for insufficient airflow, your blower fan motor exerts a lot of effort and consumes a lot of energy, which leads to higher utility bills.

Keep the area around the condenser coil clean

Keep the outdoor unit free of tall grass, tree branches, garbage, and other possible air obstructions. Make sure it is not damaged by outdoor elements, like wind, water, dust, etc. 

Keeping the area around the condenser clean will prevent air flow obstruction.

Clean the evaporator coil

Clean the evaporator coil of dust, dirt, and other debris using a special coil cleaner, a soft brush, or a vacuum. A clean evaporator coil will help maintain the efficiency of the A/C system efficiency and prevent cooling problems.

Make sure vents are not obstructed

Obstructed vents result in uneven temperatures and uncomfortable air quality at home. To prevent that from happening, remove big pieces of furniture, drapes, and other common household things that block air vents.

preventive maintenance plan

Preventive Maintenance Plan

As part of our customer service, Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC provides home and business owners a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan. The plan gives customers 2 very important benefits: cost savings and convenience.

Benefits of Air Care’s preventive maintenance plan

Big savings and discounts

Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC’s preventive maintenance plan covers annual cleaning, tune-ups, and maintenance services. Maintenance services costs usually discourage many homeowners. As a result, their heating system and air conditioning system do not get much-needed maintenance.

Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC’s preventive air conditioning tune-up plan is a cost-saving way of taking care of your air conditioner. It covers regular unit inspection, cleaning, and tune-up and helps customers save money in the long run. Ultimately, repair and replacement are more costly than the preventive maintenance plan.


Customers who take advantage of our preventive maintenance agreement plan are given service priority over those without. Heating and air conditioning emergencies can happen anytime to anyone. Imagine needing emergency service in summer when air conditioning technicians are heavily loaded.

Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC’s preventive maintenance plan gives customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing no matter when or where an HVAC professional will always come to the rescue.

Different HVAC contractors offer different levels of service. When it comes to air conditioning maintenance, choose a reliable air conditioning company for the job.

In Mesa, Arizona look no further than Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC. Trusted by home and business owners, we know an efficient heating, air conditioning system brings comfort and quality air to your house. We go above and beyond the needs of our customers and put a premium on excellent service so that every house is a place of comfort and safe indoor air.

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