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Since 2004, Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC has been the heating & air conditioning contractor in Florence, Az. Homeowners have trusted us for all of their HVAC needs. We offer 24-hour emergency service and our team will work hard to get your air conditioner, heat pump, and furnace back up and running in no time. We also offer warranties on our repairs when you maintain your heating and cooling system with us. Our heating & air conditioning technicians are trained, certified and have the experience and knowledge to properly repair, service or install your HVAC equipment.

Florence, Arizona

Why Choose Air Care ?

Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC  is a great place to call when you need air conditioning repair or replacement. Air Care offers a wide variety of services for all types of air conditioners. Whether your air conditioner needs a minor repair or replacement, Air Care can help. Air Care offers unmatched customer care and unparalleled availability, it is no wonder that Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC is one of the best rated and most trusted air conditioning repair, replacement, and maintenance companies that services Florence, AZ  For the last 2 decades we have served, Arizona homeowners, and business owners like you, with superior service, high quality products, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Top Rated New unit Installation and repair Services

When it comes to HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) repairs or replacement, Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC is one of the States leaders in providing top quality HVAC services. In fact, Air Care is a family owned and operated company that has prided itself on delivering world class air conditioning repair services, heating, and air conditioning system services, and heating and air conditioning system components and supplies to customers across the state of Arizona. Our company strives to provide you with the highest quality service possible, and to provide it at a fair price so you can trust us with your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) needs. We believe that everyone deserves the same quality service no matter what part of town you are in or if you have a fancy car. We have the utmost respect for all customers.

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Serving most city's in Pinal and Maricopa County's including Florence, AZ

We are one of Arizona’s premier HVAC companies, and  is well-known throughout the state for the ability to offer consumers world-class heating, ventilating and air conditioning repair.

How To Make Your Air Conditioning System Work More Effectively

Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC is an Arizona air conditioning and heating company known for its high-quality services and affordability. The company is known for its maintenance work on commercial air conditioners and its ability to perform preventive maintenance. Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC services are available throughout the East Valley all the way to the Florence, AZ area. Our main office is located in west Mesa but cover the entire central Arizona area. Our company offers commercial air conditioning services, repair services, and installation services, along with central air conditioning service to homes & businesses.


Air conditioning services

Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC is one of the leading providers of air conditioning repair services in Florence AZ. Air Care offers services to residential customers, commercial customers, and all types of industrial and office heating and cooling systems. We have the options of central air conditioning (CCA), hot and cold water heat pumps, evaporative coolers, electrical fans, dryers, and condenser coil replacements. Our company provides many unique options that are designed to meet the needs of each customer

Air Conditioning Repair Florence AZ

Air Care Maintenance programs

In addition to scheduled inspections, Air Care offers services that can help to save you money on your HVAC system. This includes helping you save on energy costs by preventing the need for expensive repairs and maintenance. Air Care offers their “Air Care Pro” program, which is designed to help homeowners save money on their HVAC cost. This program offers detailed information, as well as valuable tips and strategies that can help you better maintain and care for your air conditioning system. It also contains important information on maintenance scheduling, such as the correct time to perform routine maintenance and preventive maintenance.


Air Conditioning Installation Service AZ

Air Care Cooling & Heating LLC offers professional  installations of air conditioners, heat pumps, gas furnaces, air handlers, cooling coils,  and rooftop package units. Some of the brands we prefer to install are Trane, Rheem, Amana, and Day & Night. These are the air conditioning brands we have had the highest rate of success with also the lowest warranty recalls cost.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Air Care for your next heating or cooling job:

We want homeowners in the city of Florence, AZ, to know just who they are dealing with so we have many references of past air conditioning customers for you to check us out. Our goal is total customer satisfaction. We will show what a quality air conditioning company is all about. We will not only meet your expectations, we’ll exceed them. For all your air conditioning needs in Florence, Arizona, give us a call.



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