Heating in Gilbert Arizona

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Heating in Gilbert Arizona

Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Gilbert, Arizona

In Gilbert Arizona, the winter’s are normally pretty mild sometimes getting below the freezing point. Well for the last four days we have hit those low temps. Temperatures being in the 20′s at night but the 50′s is good for me. It’s kinda funny here in Gilbert air conditioning or heater season when temps rise or drop like they have everyone turns their heating and cooling system on, some for the very first time of the season. Well, it’s winter and some get a surprise, NO HEAT! That is when everyone gets on the phone calling their local Heating Gilbert Arizona company which hopefully is Air Care Cooling & Heating.

Maintenance Agreement

This is why Air Care always tries to stress to get your air conditioning and heating check-up before the extreme weather comes. We do this for two main reasons. The first reason is that it is a heck of a lot cheaper. And easier to fix small and less expensive items on a check-up than if you have a breakdown and have to repair bigger more expensive parts. All of Air Care’s maintenance agreement customers can vouch for this practice. Just about every maintenance agreement customer I have ever talked to and asked how they like the maintenance plan, they all have commented that they enjoy the trouble-free summers and winters.

Anything Can Happen

For the most part, they are trouble-free but remember we are talking about machines. Therefore, anything can happen at any time. The second reason is that, if everyone, let’s say half of all the people in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, it will take days to call for heating service at the same time. If not weeks for all contractors to get everyone taken care of. Some people will have to wait to get their air conditioner unit fixed and sitting in a cold home.

Air Conditioning Repair
Young repairman fixing an industrial air conditioning compressor.

So I guess the message we’re trying to get across is to complete your heating maintenance check-up. And don’t be left in the cold without heat or a poorly running heater. Heating maintenance checks up will actually save you money not cost you money. Although you do initially pay for your heater check-up. A proper COMPLETE heating check-up will unveil many underlying problems that rob energy. And once corrected will be saving you a good chunk of money. Unless of course, you enjoy giving away free money to SRP and APS power companies… Nah I didn’t think so.

One of the most common issues is losing heated air through loose or unsealed ductwork. Restricted coil or airflow. Low or incorrect freon level. Those are some of the most common there are about 25 or so different things we check. If you need further detail please give us a call. You may check on our air conditioning & heating maintenance page for more details.

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