Heating Repair Mesa Arizona

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Heating Repair Mesa Arizona

Did you know that this winter so far has produced the coldest days within the last 3 years? Heating costs have skyrocketed in the last week and heating units have been working overtime. Your heating cost in an average home has total annual usage of 14%! One of the main suggestions for helping reduce utility costs is to check your ducts. They say you should check to ensure that as much warm air as possible is delivering to your central system. Also, check to ensure you have no leaks or even any blockage going on. Also having your bi-annual check-up done is another recommendation for helping reduce your heating costs. Heating repair in Mesa, Arizona is expensive but the cost is greatly reduced with a regular check-up.

System Check-up

Not only winter is a good time to start thinking about having your ducts clean. It is also a good time to have your provider out to check other issues that raise your utility costs. For instance, having your system check to ensure you have no air leaks in the duct and ventilation system can prevent any problems from occurring than to wait until something goes wrong and have to fix them, which will be a headache not only for you but your wallet. Did you know that the amount of air lost while being transported from your furnace through your ductwork to the vents is almost 30%? Not only getting your air leaks sealed can help you feel more warmth coming into your home but it also plays another factor in helping with the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

air care duct cleaning in mesa, arizona

Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is a must when it comes to your yearly maintenance. Like a daily chore, it needs to be clean. Just because you don’t think about it doesn’t mean it won’t have an effect on the air your breathing. The duct system is the heart of your system, which means if it’s not functioning correctly it affects your whole system. A typical duct system loses 25% to 40% of the heating and cooling energy of your home system. One way your air ducts lose energy is by air leakage.

Air leakage is a poor connection of the duct system or accidental holes in the ducts. The energy takes to make up for the leakage not only adds to your bill, but it takes more energy to heat the cold air than it would if the ducts were clean and circulating properly. Therefore the cold air will pull out and the warm air will come in making your system put in more work than it’s actually putting out. Aside from energy loss, it can become a health problem.

Cause Allergies

Allergies are a big factor in having your ducts clean. The air your breathing inside may be worse than the air your breathing outside if you have dirty ducts. It’s surprising how dirty they can get. They can get anywhere from pet hair to mold, from fumes from the insulation particles and household chemicals. Sealing your ducts helps stop the pollutants from entering your home. This has a bigger effect on those who already have allergy problems. Especially with a basement or a garage, the fumes that return from a leaky air duct can bring in gas fumes which are very hazardous for they may contain carbon monoxide. Which is a big factor when it comes to the air you and your loved ones will be breathing in. It could also bring musty odors into your home.

Filter Cleaning

Cleaning your filters is another step in maintaining your system. Keeping your air filters clean also helps keep up proper air quality in your home. It is important to keep your filters clean because it helps keep out the germs and dust from entering your air system. It’s very easy to maintain your filters also they air very cheap. I buy my filters for the air conditioning mesa at the local home depot. By keeping up with the filters you can prolong the life of your Heating / Air conditioning system. If they look dirty they need to be clean. Some filters may be reusable and there are some that are disposable and may need to replace. If that is the case get the type of filters and let your provider know so they can get that taken care of for you.

Air Quality

In addition, your air ducts and filter cleaning or condensing and evaporator coils is another good way to keep your system running properly. It doesn’t necessarily affect the air quality in your home but it does have an effect on how your system will perform. Cleaning the condenser coils and evaporator coils is basic maintenance that should be clean. As if it were to clean your kitchen floor. This cleaning is not of the easiest among others, whether it’s in a tight dark spot or 20 feet up ahead. It is still there and still needs to preserve. That’s part of the cleansing like your ducts when you have your service maintenance on.

Therefore, if you not wanting to spend thousands of dollars worth to get a new A/C unit. Then it may be time to get the proper maintenance that is available for you. Just remember to think about your air ducts, filters, and coils as they may be building up not only dust, germs, and fumes, they’re also building you up for a monthly price that can be preventable with your basic yearly maintenance.

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